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  • Silver Roses Collection

    They say the rose is the symbol of love, and to give someone a rose means “I love you”. Here in Catalonia we know all about this, since roses (and books) are the protagonists of our most popular and characteristic festivity: the day of Saint George. Read More

    04/18/2019 145
  • This year ARGENT BASIC purchases have a gift.

    Do you have the right case for your jewelry? Where do you keep them when you go on a trip so they do not get scratched or dirty, and you can always have them on hand?Read More

    11/18/2018 725
  • Jewelry in silver and color glass

    Earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces with silver circles and crystals of different colors are what give name to the new Sweet collection of this winter season.Read More

    11/08/2018 541

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