Silver, tears of the moon

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There is no celestial body and metal in history so magically united as the moon and silver.

In their language, the Incas gave silver the name of the moon: they believed it was the tears shed by the moon one day when the sun upset it.

The alchemists in search of the elixir of eternal life also called silver the moon, and even used the crescent quarter as the sign of this element.

No wonder, because the light they emanate is the same: white, pure and enigmatic. Moreover, both elements are feminine, mysterious, sensual and attract the glances in the dark.

This fascination with the moon has led us to dedicate our new collection to Selene, goddess of Greek mythology. Sterling silver jewellery inspired by its shape and surface, marked by craters and lunar seas.

Let yourself be seduced by the glow of the full moon.



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