March 19 - Father's Day

March 19 - Father's Day

For all the moments you have lived and the knowledges he has shared with you, that have made you grow.

For the unconditional support that only a father can give.

For giving you the strength to make your own way.

For the fact of always being there, by your side.

If you go to see him on FATHER’S DAY and give him a hug, perhaps it would be enough... But it might be a good idea to spend a little time and bring him a special gift, right?

At ARGENT BASIC we have a selection of JEWELS FOR MAN that he will like for sure.

father's day collection

We work with two of the most resistant materials available in JEWELRY FOR MAN: the best quality LEATHER and STEEL.

We all know LEATHER is a material that improves with time, the use gives it a patina difficult to get in other materials.

STEEL is a metal of a strenght widely recognized in JEWELLERY. That's why, for MEN'S BRACELETS, steel details and fastenings are one of the best options.

The MEN'S COLLECTION includes MASCULINE DESIGN bracelets with a MODERN touch: made of braided leather, with marine inspired nylon cords, combined with natural stone balls... You can even choose a bracelet with a customizable plate and engrave a special MESSAGE for him!

And if he doesn't like to wear bracelets and you prefer a 100% useful gift, we also have STEEL KEYRINGS in different shapes that he can always carry with him.

What else do you need? Come on, your father deserves it! Enter ARGENT BASIC website and take a look! Man Collection

Because your FATHER will always be THE BEST FATHER IN THE WORLD!

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