Danae Collection

Danae Collection

Following the line of the Adara collection, which was inspired by elements and forms of nature such as leaves, flowers, shells, and others ..., the new Danae collection goes one step further and turns into jewelry such basic but beautiful and enigmatic elements as the rocks and minerals that compose them.

Irregular and diverse forms conform a whole collection of silver jewelry as small pressure earrings, large earrings with omega closure, long earrings, pendants of various sizes, spectacular necklaces that embrace the entire neck, bracelets of various pieces, and bracelets of One piece with drawstring and adjustable macramé closure.

Danae Collection

Also, the different pieces of the collection are mixed with three different finishes that give rise to three colors that can be combined in jewelry: steel gray (silver with white rhodium), gold (silver plated in 24 kt gold), and jet black or blackish (silver with black rhodium bath).

The variety of shapes and colors invites to combine pieces, mixing as example silver gray earrings with a jet-gray ring, and a tricolor bracelet and necklace, as in the photograph of the model in the upper photograph.

Search your combination of all the models in the following link: DANAE COLLECTION

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