Silver Roses Collection

Silver Roses Collection

They say the rose is the symbol of love, and to give someone a rose means “I love you”.

 Here in Catalonia we know all about this, since roses (and books) are the protagonists of our most popular and characteristic festivity: the day of Saint George.

 The legend says that after a brief but ferocious battle, Saint George killed the dragon, and in the place where it died, a rose bush bloomed, and the roses were as red as the spilled blood. Then Saint George took the most beautiful rose, and gave it to the princess, who was saved from being ate alive by the dragon.

 Nowadays the legend could be so different: the princess would kill the dragon herself with a spear, or maybe she would tame it with strokes and sweet words, and then fly away in its back, in the search of love and new adventures...

 silver roses


 Something that has not changed a bit, and we do not want it to, it is the beauty of roses, that is why we consider them the flowers that represents love. We do not want the traditions and the wish to give a rose to your loved ones to end.

 With this tradition in mind we create “Silver Roses Collection”, made with sterling silver and white or black rhodium plating. The collection is made up of: earrings with omega back, small earring with pressure back, two sizes of pendants and rings, cord bracelets with a rose and a sliding macrame knot fastener, and silver bracelets full of roses.

 You can see the whole collection if you go to this link:

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