Jewelry in silver and color glass

Jewelry in silver and color glass

The new collection of silver-colored jewelery from this fall-winter 18-19 is inspired by the mythical candies or round sweets of colors. Hence its name: Sweet.

The entire Sweet collection is formed by circles of silver with an opaque crystal embedded in different colors. The glass imitates the "cat's eye" stone, also called "billowing ray" by the whitish and bright line that runs through the stone from top to bottom.

The colors of the crystals, Persian blue, indigo blue, jet gray, fuchsia pink and mauve rose, follow the trend colors combination for the new autumn-winter season.

The crystals are set with small staples in a silver ring with ripples that are collected over the glass, adorning the circle with a certain retro or vintage air.

Small earrings, earrings with hook closure, long earrings with two circles, single and double pendants, small circle and large circle rings, bracelets and long necklaces are the different jewels that make up the collection.

You can see all these pieces in the following link of the website:Sweet Collection

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